Delay again(Asian)


Any one in Asian side received Glowforge? some of us in HK and Taiwan was delay again…this time need wait till Nov 2018…

An open letter to my $4,070 on Day 1004 of its captivity

Mines been pushed back to October (Australia).


Same in Canada and Norway. Norway is seeing November as well. No word from GlowForge as to why. This has already lead to more cancellations and upset backers.

People buying the production GlowForge with per purchasing options will get it before these backers.


It seems they are not care out of their location’s buyer…

We have the HK & Taiwan group(around 15 ppl) always discuss, now all is planning to cancel order, because they are already delay many times without reason…we are really disappointed and angry…


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I’m from HK too



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