Delay in Proofgrade shipping?

Right, my bad, meant to say distribution center, not to imply that the production of PG was over that way :crazy_face:

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Apparently my order is going back, because a simple piece of paper was not included. A commercial invoice, required by the VI and I’m sure International Orders will have similar requirements.

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If USVI I’m guessing that Glowforge’s software saw a US-formatted address, ZIP code and all, and treated it the same as any other US address, skipping all the extra stuff they only have to do for international shipments. They probably need to special-case VI, PR, Guam, etc. in their software.


I placed an order on 11-29, got shipping notification this morning, tracking shows scheduled delivery of tomorrow.

USVI, my first two shipments of :proofgrade: came fine. Then the last order had this problem, but it took a while to figure it out. Finally it was resolved and I got my :proofgrade:.

Now it seems to be an issue again. Its a valid USPS address and that’s what is frustrating. Nothing is more irritating when I place an order somewhere (Amazon) and they say they can’t ship to the USVI. So I have it sent to my drop shipper and when I get it I find it was mailed to the shipper…

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I’m a little anxious to hear about delays because I placed my last order on the 30th and haven’t received a shipment notice yet. In the past I’ve always gotten a shipment notice around 8:30 AM EST two business days after ordering and delivery two business days after that. I’ve been running out of material faster than expected and was hoping to get it by the 8th but am really counting on getting it before the 11th and thought I was giving myself plenty of breathing room :worried:

Far shot on a related note - if anyone has some 1/8" maple plywood in the Cleveland/Akron area they are willing to sell me, let me know…

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