Delay in Proofgrade shipping?

Just wondering if anyone else is seeing a delay in getting their orders from Glowforge for proofgrade materials? My latest order was on November 14th, so it’s going on 3 weeks this Wednesday. Yes, I emailed support last Friday, but haven’t heard back yet on the status. Just curious if it’s just me, or if others are delayed.

I ordered some (50 sheets) a week ago Sunday and it was to be delivered to CT on Saturday. But night fell so at 5:20pm they cancelled the delivery because of “weather” (the darkness of night I guess as it was clear & dry). It’s now scheduled for Tuesday delivery although I got a notice this morning it’s on the truck out for delivery so who knows. It’s just FedEx ground doing their thing.


My first order took awhile to get here but this last order on Nov 29 is showing delivery tomorrow. I never got a shipment notice from GF, I just got a notice from FedEx delivery manager that it was in route. Are you signed up for FedEx Delivery Manager? Might want to see if that shows any packages.

@jamesdhatch They ship FedEx Home now so no deliveries on Monday, the crews load the trucks but then I think they sit until Tues. Mine shows on the truck but never got the “Out for delivery” scan this morning so don’t think it will move until tomorrow.

Hah! Just noticed that part, UPS was out delivering packages in my neighborhood at 9:15PM Friday evening. They were using flashlights out the window to find house numbers!

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My orders are rather small - perhaps 20 12 x 20 sheets total. Delivery has been quick. One came Fed Ex with final delivery by post office and one was Fed Ex. I am in Ohio.

I ordered on the 27th, it shipped on the 29th and arrived today.

I did get a shipping notice from GF, but mine came via UPS.

My recent order came pretty quick but I did have an order a few months ago get lost. They did make it right. I would drop a message in the support section of the forum. They seemed to respond better to the forum than E-mail.

I have a ticket number, just no response yet. Posting in Problems and Support would just open another ticket. If I don’t hear back within a few days, I’ll go that route. I do have some projects that I’s like to start working on for Christmas, but I’m okay with supplies for the next week I suppose.

Silly that FedEx bothers with the notice on Monday then. They create an expectation on the customer’s side that they will not meet.

Show of hands from everyone who thinks getting a notice that says “on truck for delivery” means “not today but tomorrow”? :grin: Sometimes companies are their own worst enemies.

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I totally agree. It’s also very unpredictable. I’ve had packages arrive on Monday that were not supposed to around the holidays. I think it’s all to do with the amount of packages. If they can load them on a truck to make room they do that, otherwise they might send them out early. I have a slim hope that it will arrive today but the date still says tomorrow.

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@jamesdhatch I guess I had two packages coming FedEx Home Delivery tomorrow, The one that was put on the truck this morning was just delivered. The PG box is in KCMO and due for tomorrow still, didn’t realize there were two. Now I get to wonder what the wife ordered for awhile. Anyways just increasing your hope you may get it today. LOL

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:blush: You might not find out until Christmas.

Mine still says on the truck for delivery but it’s dark and getting near the time they cancelled Saturday so I’m not holding out hope.

But Brown brought me a bunch of cool stuff for my plasma projects.

My recent Fed Ex delivery came after 8:00 pm.

Just got a text saying they delivered :slightly_smiling_face:

10 minutes before they bailed out on Saturday. Must not be as dark as the weather didn’t cause them a problem today :grin: (although it is a bit warmer than it was Saturday evening … maybe it was the near-freezing temps that caused Saturday’s abort)

For several years this was pretty standard in my area (just east of Los Angeles). We regularly received UPS deliveries around 7:30-9:30 PM for years. :man_shrugging: But then two or three years ago they started coming in late afternoon instead.

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Yes, there seems to be some hiccups in the ordering process. I placed an order a month ago, half of it shipped but no shipping notice was sent. When I got the package and discovered it was incomplete I inquired. After about a week Support told me the remainder was re-ordered. I still don’t know when it will ship.

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Dang, I’ve waited 1 week, 2 weeks, and 3 weeks. I’d say my average is about a week and a half, but I’m located in Hawaii, so that’s to be semi expected as the factory is closer to the east coast than the west.

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I haven’t figured out where they make the Proofgrade materials. Might be in Tennessee, might be in China, or all over. The satellite location of the logistics company shipping the material is in Tennessee (Moduslink) .

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Just got the UPS notification this morning, so they finally processed the order. :slight_smile:

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Just got notification today for an order place 11/28. Not too bad.

Ooopppsss spoke to soon, the shipment is being held at UPS for some reason…