Delayed friend invite?

Sent a friend invite 28hrs ago, the recipient hasn’t yet seen it. How long do these invite emails usually take? She swears she’s done the spam dance.

I have had the same issue with users I have invited. Added them yesterday, no emails yet.


  • I originally invited email01, never arrived
  • I just now invited email02, which caused email01 and email02 to arrive together
  • Friend signed up using her email02
  • Users list shows email01 and email02 as active users
  • Pending Users list still shows email01

Also noteworthy, the two emails that arrived were dramatically different; One was very long (4-5 paragraphs) with no apparent link to sign up/in. The other was very short (one paragraph) with a very well defined “go here to get started” link.

It is possible that she tapped some Get Started link in the email01 message that I didn’t see, which maybe added email01 as a User, even though she didn’t finish signing up. But that doesn’t explain how email01 is still Pending.

We’ve deleted email01 from Users, and guess the pending email01 will just always be there?

Thanks for letting me know about this. I’m looking into it.