Delays Transparency

Would Dan please tell us how long the total sum of delays is. From the first date promised, to the current date promised what is the total number of slipped days? I would like to know this to weigh my decision to cancel or keep waiting. Thank you.

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Originally, December 2015 was the first promised delivery date for the 30 Day pre-order campaign.

I want to say that then April 2016, then June 2016 and December 2016 (for pre-order campaign units Feb 2017 for post campaign pre-orders).

That is when the $20 per full month delay credits came into play. Jan 2017 was the first month (for 30 Day campaign pre-order units) and I believe March 2017 for post 30 Day campaign pre-orders.

First Basic orders (non pre-release or beta) were emailed end of May 2017 and First Pro order email went out at the end of June 2017.

It’s going to depend on when you purchased. I’m afraid I don’t know off the top of my head for any given date.

I went back through my email account and pulled information from my official shipping updates from @dan to visualize the delays (mine is a pre-order, basic unit). On a positive note, if you apply regression to the dates of the email and days until shipping, there is a convergence around Feb 2018, which is my new shipping date.

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This is a super cool data visualization! Please just submit each post on one topic, though.

This is an important topic. In my case the most important in deciding to continue wait it out or not. Can you give the range from the smallest delay, to the longest. I’m not looking for specific numbers, but a general range would suffice. Providing this clarity would be appreciated.