Once I have printed a design and finished how do I get the image of the draft board off my computer even after I remove draft board from Glowforge I still have the cutout design on my computer. What do you do to clear that. Also do I have to hit dismiss after printing is finished?

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Click on Dashboard to go back to the dashboard. You can create a new design or open a different design from the Dashboard. When you want to use that design again, click on the Open button that comes up over the design thumbnail image. When you open the design you will have everything left just as it was. If you are done with that design and do not want to use it ever again, you can delete it from the Dashboard by clicking the little arrow in the upper right and clicking Delete.

Hi Ben: I know about deleting if I don’t want it anymore but I’m having trouble with is with the Glowforge on or off I can’t get the picture of the Proofgrade off of my computer, It shows the proof grade with the items I have cut out but the page won’t clear. I have tried everything I know of, even if I log out and sign in again the proofgrade shot still shows on computer. I hope I made this clearer this time.

What happens if you go back to the dashboard?

If the same bed image shows up in every project, you need to clear your bowser cache, which should resolve the issue.

Was the GF powered on when you closed the lid after removing the material? It needs to take a new image after its removed.

It sounds like what you are seeing is the image that the camera captured after the job finished. In the same ‘3-dot menu’, there should be a command to Refresh Bed Image (or something like that).

Hope this helps.

Hi: I’m not sure if it was on or off, I believe it was off because I let the air filter run a while to clear any smoke after I turn GF off. I’m sure its the nut behind the wheel that did something wrong and I hope it can be fixed. Thanks for your help.

Hi: The refresh bed image is not lit up so won’t let me refresh. I’ll keep at it until I can figure it out. Thanks for your help.

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Rats, I’m sorry that wasn’t it. So, you have probably lifted the lid and put new material in. [sorry, reading comprehension fail] Restart? I know, that’s a pain, but it can get rid of unsightly bugs. [more reading comprehension fail]

If worst comes to worst, lift the lid, make ugly faces at the camera and scare the heck out of the tech who troubleshoots your problem. :grin:

Try selecting a totally different material. Does that do anything?

It might not be active because the unit is not on. Power on the unit and see if the bed image updates to what is currently on the bed.

What I did when this happened to me. After my last cut I would shut the lid and let it rescan on an empty bed. Then that image comes up whenever I go back into the GUI. I have even put a full sheet back in so I can test the fit on the GF. Once it has a new image, I reopen the lid and let the filter run a while.

This usually means your machine isn’t on. Do you have your machine turned on to allow it to process a new bed image?

I can see that you’ve also reached out via email and that our support team has contacted you there. To avoid duplicate communication and expedite your process, I’m going to go ahead and close this topic.