Deleting a line in Inkscape

I hate to ask such a basic question but I’ve spent way too many hours on this and can’t figure it out. Even Youtube can’t (or won’t) help. How do I delete a common line between two rectangles in order to merge them and prevent cutting. It’s the footer on a name plate that will fit into a slot on the base. I know it’s going to be a simple answer but if you don’t know where to find it, it’s still a problem. Thanks for the help. The answer will go in my “How To” binder.
Alicia.docx (55.3 KB)

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There are others more skilled than I am in Inkscape and I can’t access the program right now, but are you using the node edit tool? You should be able to simply eliminate the segment between two nodes and then combine/union the corner nodes to the other shape. Everything you need is in the path command and the node editing tool.

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Do you even need to delete the line if you perform a Union?

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A union will delete both lines.

This is what you’re looking for. Click on the node editor (which is right next to the arrow that grabs objects), then highlight the nodes at the top and bottom of the line you want gone (or all of the nodes on that line if there are multiples) and then click the delete segments button.


That node tool is a powerful function, you should play around with it. Logos by Nick is a great educational source for Inkscape.


If you are just putting that up an S to figure 8 makes it one piece.

For your file, you just need to make sure that bottom rectangle is actually touching the bottom of that name plate (the stroke thicknesses sometimes look like they are overlapping or touching when they aren’t).

Since you’ve already got the bottom tab the size it needs to be, and it’s in place, you can make it overlap the name plate by extending it upwards a little bit, and then select both and union. Looking at your file, if it’s not currently disappearing with the union, then they aren’t actually touching-they need to be on top of each other or overlapping for that to disappear.

If you look at your workspace in outline view mode in Inkscape, you’ll be able to see the lines without the added stroke thickness so you can see if they are touching or not.


Problem solved. I want to thank everyone for their help. As it turned out, I was the problem (go figure). I tried every one of your suggestions but none worked. Then I got the bright idea to separate the two boxes and, wow, I discovered the foot only had three sides, not four. When I corrected that little snafu, the one-click Union solved the problem. Here’s the end result. Thanks again, everyone.


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