Deleting images when moved off cutting area

Hello Everyone, Does anyone know how to delete the images after they are uploaded, I got into a bad habit and moved them off the screen after uploading. I have quite a few designs sitting on side space after it was uploaded. Where I would move them over off the cutting area.

Thank You

Click and copy the design you want to save that still is in the center.

Ctrl + a to select everything. It will include all the stuff outside of the curtains.


Ctrl + v to paste in what you copied to save.


What @marmak3261 said is the fastest way to clean up multiple images that you want gone, or you can select them individually and hit the delete button on your keyboard if you want to be more selective. I know that seems way to easy, but it really is that simple. Took me forever to discover that one!

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Thank You so much .

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lol You discovered it before I did. Thank You for your help.


Is there a reason you don’t just load your designs on the dashboard screen? That allows you to find your designs (although that functionality could be better) and save settings, etc. You can even paste a new design onto the dashboard to create a new entry.

I’m just suggesting you might want to look at your work flow approach. That said, if whatever you’re doing works for you carry on :slight_smile:

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Bear in mind that the UI saves the last condition of the file, so if you delete it from the bed the next time you open the file from the dashboard it will be empty.
It is best to just hit the “Home” button when you are finished with a design.

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I think I know what you’re saying, though. I’ve got certain “core” designs, like certain shapes I use for keychains, that I tend to import tons of images to engrave onto. And, out of either laziness or the thought that I may have to do more with the same image, I’ll just push it off to the side, then forget it. Eventually, I realize my loading times are increasing because I’ve got a load of designs lurking on the fringes, and I have to clean them out.

Thank You for your help I got it done.

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Thanks so much for all the help everyone! @dbrine.brine2 it looks like you’ve received the help you need so I’ll be closing this thread out. If you need any additional assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us at