Delivery Day! Having a WILD time


Uncle Danny (my long time UPS driver) brought me my GF today! So I got it set up.
It’s lovely, and I made my ruler (cuz you gotta make the ruler!)

Then I had to decide what my second project would be. So considering I’ve never used a laser before AND I’m dealing with some questionable ventilation

I decided I’d go with something small and conservative…

Two hours later, my very first LASER RHINO!

Now… who is going to come over and remove all of those little bits of masking for me? :laughing:


Oh, I’m so happy for you! You have been so helpful to us all, now I can’t wait to see what (else) you make. :heart:️ the rhino too.


Beautiful Rhino!


Looks to be the start of a stained glass project … I envy your graphics ability. :glowforge::proofgrade::sunglasses:


By the way: Gorilla tape.


Congrats, and enjoy!

Fabulous rhino :slight_smile:


Awesome! Did you create the Rhino design? I love it!
Not helping with the masking though, you made your bed…


Congrats. I know you will make beautiful things.
Just a thought. If you use vectors and score on that Rhino it would cut in under 15 minutes. I am guessing you used engrave.


White Rhino! :+1:
Congrats! :grinning:


Yes! Yes! YES!!! Gorilla tape is amazing!


Thanks to everyone recommending the Gorilla Tape. I’ve got a couple rolls inbound. It turned out not to be too bad, doing it by hand. Is it weird that everything seems fast after two years?

@UrJac yes, it’s one of my originals. It’s also a callback to a classic GF Community thread where it made a previous debut.

@buschtrent I’ll have to look into the score options. Yes, this was done with engrave and I’d be happy to find a faster way, since I’m already wishing I’d done it on something other than draftboard.


When you MAKE the ruler, you beCOME the ruler! Congratulations!


ME…me! I love weeding


Hey man, that’s great! Been missing your input and sense of humor around here. :sunglasses:


She really does. :smile::wink:


Welcome to you and your Laser Rhino! I second (or third, it seems) Gorilla tape to peel off tiny pieces of masking. :slight_smile: