Delrin Leather Stamp


One of the reasons I wanted a laser was to be able to make my own embossing plates for leather. Today I made one!

This is .25" Delrin. Preferably I’d use .5" or thicker stock but this was free via the gift from Inventables.

Settings were 900 speed/ 100 power on my Pro. It came out pretty sweet! This was my fourth attempt after messing with power/speed settings.

Overall, the Claddagh is about 2" wide and it took 26 minutes. I think the next one I’ll mess with some gradients and do a 3D print.

Leather phone case engraving

I have delrin just waiting for my machine to do this.

Looks great!


Beautiful work!


Beautiful is right! :grinning:


Is there a reason you do this with delarin and not wood or acrylic?


Looks fantastic! Can’t wait to see what else you make!


Durability. Delrin is tough stuff.


Yes, durability mainly. I use a 12 ton press for stamping and the Delrin holds up nicely.


Wow! Very clean work. Beautiful!:sunglasses:


This is so amazing!! So clean and clear. I’ve been waiting to see if this was feasible and now I have so many leather stamp ideas to try. @Andy_Mock, I have little experience with leather, is it feasible to get good results with stamps without a press? Are there household tools that can apply enough force for a good result?


This looks amazing! Love it!


Wow - impressive! So many possibilities… I think my brain is paralyzed!


This topic has a lot of ideas for tools that can be used to press.


Well that came out fantastic!


That is exceptional!


Whoa. That’s amazingly beautiful. Nice work!


This is fantastic! Did you put anything into the lines of the art, or is the color difference just from pressing it? It turned out very clean!


Awesome! I was just thinking of this during my commute! I have to learn how to do stitching, though. I have no press, either, so my redneck brain is just saying “drive over it with your SUV.” :smiley:


a 12ton benchtop press can be had at Harbor Freight fairly cheap. They put them on sale pretty often too, or use their 20% off coupon. (Can you tell I had been watching?)


You definitely weren’t the only one thinking this :rofl:

@Andy_Mock great work my friend. It’s people like you that make me want to jump into the leather field!