Make Magazine Article on Laser Cut/Engraved Leather Stamp



I have the Delrin but no 20 ton press. But at least this shows how to do it!

Delrin Leather Stamp
Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 29th, 2017

$175 at Harbor Freight for a 20 ton press. It would be interesting to see creative lower cost solutions.


Does it need to be a 20 ton press? HF also has smaller models including a 6-ton bench top press that you can get for around $65 with a :scissors: Super Coupon.


I would say it depends on how large of an area it is that you’re trying to stamp…smaller area, smaller press…and by area I mean the surface area that is being pressed into the leather, not necessarily the area of the block the stamp is on.


I’d be curious how a BFG would handle the job!


Big friendly giant?


I suspect (from that fact that you can do tooling with a simple piece of metal/wood/plastic and a hammer) that small-raised-area stuff can likely be done with a well under a ton of force. But. The bigger a press you have the more likely you can make things even.


Park a car on it?


Big freaking gun…??


Burly French Gondola…


Ballin Fried Grasshopper?


That might work


You can get get quite a bit of force with a standard bench vise. I also regularly see those inexpensive hydraulic presses on Craigslist. People buy them for one project then they just sit around taking up space.


Between the rolling Mill or a 6" bench vise with a 3’ cheater pipe I can put a serious hurt on a few square inches.
Looking forward to experimenting.


HF has that press on sale for $150 right now.


Beneficially Furious Gecko


LOL…either early morning or autocorrect is to blame.

I meant BFH @buschtrent, @nick07lee, and @rand!

Big F***ing Hammer


I have a 21 ton log splitter. I do have to make a top plate to replace the knife. First welding project. Otherwise build this.


And all this time i thought it was a:
Belligerently Frank German :wink:


I was thinking about a car or vehicle but to get the 20 tons under one tire, the vehicle would need to weigh 80 tons, and that’d be the size of a Space Shuttle…unless there was a 20 ton unicylce…that’d be awesome, and entertaining :unicorn: :bike: <- unicycle!

I like @jkopel and @PrintToLaser idea of using a vise. A tool that if one doesn’t have, will get many more miles of use than a hydraulic press.