I ran across some interesting and useful articles on Hackaday about making things with Delrin. It’s not a material I’ve ever worked with, but it looks useful for lots of things. The only real downside I see is its flammability.


Good info. Thanks.

Homopolymer (Delrin) is better for revolved profiles due to centerline porosity. Copolymer has the advantage for flat stock.

And yes, it burns… with a near-invisible flame, so it looks like it’s magically bubbling/evaporating away by itself before you realize, ‘oh right, it’s on fire! Pssshhhhh! Pssssh, psssssh, pssssh, pssssswwwwwssshhhhhwwwww’


Yea. Wasn’t he a 50s-60s crooner? Bobby Delrin, I think. Nice to know that he made something of himself. It’s got the coolest name for a plastic ever.

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