Dense, durable and bendable cork?

I have a customer who wants some cork apparel tags. I ordered some cork online, but its way too brittle. She needs it be able to fold without breaking. Anyone have any suggestions?

I’ve seen “cork fabric” advertised, but haven’t tried it out. You might concentrate your search on that?


here’s an example of the cork fabric on amazon. comes in a number of different colors.



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Tagging @rebecca; I know she made a wallet out of a Cork fabric.

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Hello @JeremyNielsen,

Yes, I have used cork fabric. I find it to be pretty durable. The back is fabric (a cotton/poly blend). You might have a durable product if you sew two backs together.

I tried to engrave on the cork. It comes out a bit rugged looking and is lighter than what is engraved in wood or leather (IMHO). I purchased the fabric at

Here is a link to the thread on the cork wallet I cut out. I used the 6-Pocket Bifold Executive Wallet from the Glowforge Catalog.

I’ve been using the wallet everyday since I posted in November. It’s still holding together.


good to know. i still haven’t purchased the thackery stuff, but it’s on my list. thinking wallet, clutch, and maybe watch straps.


Amazing!! Cork fabric is definitely what I’m looking for! I probably would never have found that!! Thanks guys!! Once I get some and do some tests I’ll show you guys somehow turned up! You guys are the best

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