Depth Adjustments

Hey folks, great to finally have a GF in my home!

I have a very specific engraving I’m looking to solve that involves multiple levels of depth and cutting, but I can’t find anything that suggests how to go about engraving depth adjustments. Any suggestion as where to start? Or should I just run through a test board on the materials I’m planning to use?

Thanks for all the help, and CHEERS!

You’ll need to do a test… Engrave small squares at varying strengths down a strip and cut the strip in half to make your caliper work easy. Even between batches of the same wood the depths can vary a bit… Acrylic should be more consistent.


Thanks timjedwards! I was thinking that, but your advice to cut it in half will save a lot of headache!

The project will be done with acrylic first, and possibly wood at a later time, so this is great advice.


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Oh that cut in half is a nice touch. I tend to use the probe end of my calipers but cutting it in half might be easier. Good tip!


Based off @evansd2 design I now am using this. …


This cuts the design across the engrave but leaves enough at each cut to not fall to pieces.
The engraves are twice the speed of the cuts so they make the same array.


It’s also nice for examining the slant of the sides, which can be improved with multi-pass focal change shenanigans.


sure would be nice to able set a different set of values for the second/third passes…


I’ve seen a lot of color coded stuff throughout the forums, is there a reason for that when uploading?

It orders your cuts! You can find special pallettes for the various tools…

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There is a default order for colors but as you can easily drag the different layers about so I pay less attention there and just drag them to the proper layer.

The key issue is that different colors get put on different layers and get put on the same layer only if exactly the same color . Normally you would organize stuff based on having the same cutting settings but in that case each one is different and so takes more time to set up than usual.

Very true… The ordering is convenience, but the layering necessity.