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Just curious to know if Glowforge Catalog will be available to us prior to fulfillment. I want to stock up on some items to have on hand prior to arrival because I am clearing my schedule as soon as I hear it is en route and plan to put the device to work quite immediately. This is one of the most exciting tools I have ever purchased. As a matter of fact there is a youtube video out there that shows the into video playing while someone (not me) is throwing dollars at the screen. That may as well been me. It didn’t take much convincing in other words. I am beyond ready to get going.
So to see a breakdown of some design ideas would be great. I like the inclusion of started projects and really like the idea of re-purposing.


Ditto. … @Dan ???

Any update on this?

The only thing official we have seen is in the FAQs section of the main Glowforge website.

"The catalog itself won’t launch until after Glowforge ships. "

Inventables has a huge selection of laser-safe material on their site if you’re looking for material.

Somewhere in the forum there’s an incredibly comprehensive spreadsheet of materials & suppliers. Of course now that I’m looking for it, I can’t find it…

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Your wish.

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I am not making a library of where to find the libraries…