Design/editing programs

What programs are you using to design and/or edit for clients?
I have a decent amount of people reaching out to do photos (engraved on wood), I do ok just editing in my iPhone/iPad when they send it but have mixed results. HELP!!!
Thanks all!


two things.

for photos to engrave on wood. the original pretty much has to be a high quality image, one with some contrast in it, to even begin to edit it to make it a good engrave. not all photos will make a good engraving, even with a lot of editing. photo engraving is very much a GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) exercise.

for editing, there are two primary options that most people use for bitmap images. GIMP (which is free) and Photoshop (which is not free, but a monthly subscription cost).

14 Likes is free.


Hey, there are as many opinions on what’s “best” as there are programs. It kind of comes down to what you gel with.

Here is a search on the forum for various threads about the topic, you’ll find all you need in there:


I would double down on Gimp. It is very powerful for image modification and can manage a lot with vectors as well. Inkscape does great things with vectors but is pretty lame in raster stuff.

In times past if I wanted to do simple things, like just crop or adjust color I would go to Irfanview do the job and be gone before Gimp would even come up. Now with faster computers Gimp comes up much faster but Irfanview can still do a simple job quicker.


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