Design failed to load

I keep getting this error that says “Design failed to load” and then next to the “ready print” button is it counting down like it is cutting but the machine isn’t doing anything. It’s also not giving me a “Ready Print” option because the camera isn’t scanning the material I put in.
This also keeps happening anytime I reopen an artwork that I need to cut again. I had been able to bypass it by just “Creating New Artwork” and reuploading each time. But that no longer is working.

And of course I have already rebooted browser and glow forge several times

If you would care to share the file, someone here will try to load it and see if it is the file.

Can you open any files?

Hi! I don’t think it’s the file. It was working just fine on the first 3 sheets I cut. No problems. I am engraving on each sheet a lot so I almost wonder if something needs to be cleaned? I wipe the cam lens each time so I don’t think it’s that

The failure to load is not an issue with the cleanliness of the machine, unfortunately. It seems to be a problem with the interface. Support will get you going again soon, I hope.

Hello! We’ve made some improvements since your report. Could you please let me know whether you’re still experiencing the same trouble, and if so what is the date and time (including time zone) the issue most recently occurred?