Design loads so far off the visible area that I can't find it

I created a file that was over 20" wide and over 30" tall. Didn’t mean it to be that big; not going to run it that big, but was planning on resizing in the UI. Didn’t really think much about the size. I loaded my file into the dashboard; no problem. When it brings up the camera view in the GF my design isn’t visible, but shows in the bar to the left (I can pick whether I want to cut, engrave, etc). Cannot find it in the camera view. After playing with it a bit, according to the ruler positioning tool the file is at 74x and 37y. If I zoom out as far as I can then I can only see up to 60x. Thus making it impossible to get to my file.

Ok, no problem, right? Make the file smaller, and reload. I have:

-Saved the file as a completely different name (several times) in several locations on my computer
-Cleared my browser cache
-Restarted my computer
-Did all of those things all over again in one fell swoop

It will not load the file into the viewable area of the UI. Other files are just fine; no problem. Thoughts?

As I finished typing this my partner walked into the room and asked how things were going. I mentioned my problem.

He suggests I manually type a visible position in the ruler. sigh That totally works. It put the design in the viewable area so I can deal with it now.

I should also mention that I have to hit Ctrl+A (select all) in order to get the ruler tool to pop up. Dragging boxes around the space didn’t select the file.

I was going to delete this, but maybe it’s helpful to someone else?


Your design is located at the coordinates you specified in your design app. The Glowforge workspace doesn’t automatically center things in the print area, it puts them exactly where you specified.


Well that’s fascinating. Even when you choose to just save the selection and not the whole page? Obviously it does as that is exactly what was happening. I just went back and checked the file in my software, and yes those are the exact coordinates.

Thanks for letting me know so I can deal with it in the future. :slight_smile:


Some people choose to set their “page size” to 20x12" and place their designs inside it to make things easier for them.

I just put the origin of my designs at 0,0.


If you set up the work area of the design software to 12" x 20" and have your design inside of that, it will always be within the bed area.

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That is always the answer, and what I would have typed, That is why many folk work with a 20x11 border though I prefer a border sized to the object that I use to size it.

In my real world job I design wayfinding and exterior signage. I use a CAD based vector program. My page size is practically infinite so this doesn’t really come up for me often. We also use files to hold multiple customer projects so I’m continually exporting selected graphics to run on the in-house Epilog. Obviously the UIs are different and this doesn’t apply there.

Glad to learn this was user error; I can adjust my process easily. Thanks!


Even with cad you still need a border to scale and print it out even if in another “window”. I did cad for many years and was often really annoyed with such work where their zero point was in some other part of the state a hundred miles away! I even had to write a Lisp program to fix that and a lot more in an electrical contract that had a total disregard for many issues, and 1500 drawings.

Hello! I’m so happy that your partner was able to help you find the solution, and that other community members were able to validate that. Have fun printing your designs. I’m going to go ahead and close this topic to new posts, though it will remain visible for the community to read.