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How do I recover my designs.  I am not a Premium member but have had my laser since Glowforge's Kickstarter days.  Also I have not been given some of the designs that were part of the Kickstarter deal.  When will those be available  ?  Did I miss something somewhere ? 

Files not opened in 30 days are deleted from your Dashboard. That is the official word from Glowforge. Perhaps the files live on on the Glowforge servers, but you are going to have to contact Support directly for any assistance.


Unless you have Premium, in which case they don’t go away unless you delete them.


I was under the impression that “legacy customers” would maintain their storage regardless of whether they purchased Premium. (Discussion of September Announcement). A crowdfunding (nit pick: it was not a Kickstarter) backer would presumably be in that category.


Wild! I didn’t see anything they posted after “How do I recover my designs”, the rest is in this weird scroll box for me! Because of your comment I went looking :slight_smile: I also recall that about legacy users, but even that doesn’t work if you deleted them yourself.

Some of the designs were released literally years ago. Others, like the doll house they were never able to come up with a design they were willing to release to the public, yet others like the globe people came up with usable designs and posted them here. Definitely worth doing a search if there’s something you’re looking for specifically!


Thank you. My lifestyle can be rather erratic of late so I have missed the 30 day cutoff on several occasions. For me the Premium benefits are not worth the price. What I was worried about are the designs I have purchased over the years and could not find. Fortunately I have found them - at least temporarily - Is there a way to download those designs to my computer for storage ?
Thanx, Craig

There is no way to download purchased designs - you can, of course, download anything you originally uploaded!


Anything purchased cannot be downloaded, but it should not go away after a period time either.



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