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I thought this looked pretty good.

(Also, posting from a phone is awkward - how do you folks do it? )


I was working on something very similar to this a few years back and completely forgot about it!! Need to look for the files. I used black cardstock and colored vellum. Worked with the battery dollar store flicker candles or glowsticks.


Wow, you are everywhere. :relaxed:


Nice resource! I see quite a few cool freebies in there! :slight_smile:

(and i don’t try from a phone - couldn’t manage it while our power was down either)


I would lose my regular status if it wasn’t for mobile access!


I use my phone almost exclusively…


I’m sorry to say that I’m one of those really weird people who only got an iPhone in the last year…I’m still learning to use it.

Someone posted a funny quote somewhere that the only thing funnier than an iPhone user trying to figure out how to use Windows, was a Windows user trying to use an iPhone.

Truer words were never spoken.


If I could remember all the stuff I’ve thought of over the years, I would have a pretty big list…lol I need to take some time and go through all my old files I guess…lol


lol I use my iPad, Android phone, Windows computer and a Surface Pro…and I can use a Mac if I really have to…lmao
I think it’s sort of like speaking difference languages, once you’re doing it, or working on a different device in this case, it all clicks.


Chuckle! Yeah, most people can. Just haven’t needed one, so didn’t want to spend the money on it.

(Hubs gave me one for our anniversary, and I was dragged all-unwilling into the Apple fold.)

They do come in really handy for killing time in the dentist/doctors/DMV office though.
Make the wait much quicker, so I’ve become a recent convert.


I’m still using a Blackberry from 2009. I haven’t even tried to view the forums on it.


I think that one wins the prize! :smile:


I only have one that new because, in 2009, I dropped my previous one in the driveway and then ran over it with the snow blower.


So, it’s a Blackberry pancake now. (sorry)


Mmm sounds tasty :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here’s a pic of one of my gallon size glowstick formulations.


Oh Shiny :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


That formulation is 18 times the efficiency of existing market products and its intensity after 10 days exceeds commercial product intensities at any time.


And I developed one that changes from blue to white, then to red. I have had preliminary success in making one that flashes.


Sounds amazing. This a formulation you’re going to sell? If not are you gonna share, because I’d love to get ahold of something like this for some of my projects!