Designing with Dingbats: Beginning Designers



:wink: Not the people around you, this is just a reminder to beginning designers that there is a valuable source of ready-made scalable vector shapes and word designs available to drop into your designs for engraving purposes in the form of the lowly Dingbat.

(Got reminded of this when some of us were discussing fonts yesterday.)

Just a few examples of some cool things that you might want to incorporate into your designs…you can scale them up to any size you need:

And many, many more.

Some great places to find them:

The Dingbat Depot:

1001 Fonts:


Font Squirrel:

Dingbats are installed just like regular fonts. Have fun surfing! :smile:

Design newbie seeks help for first project
Any ideas for an "anticipation kit"?


Some of those sites are new to me :slight_smile:


Wow – I didn’t realize how far fontographers had taken dingbats and glyphs. Thanks for sharing this!


Excellent post!! Most people dont realize how many fonts have great pictures and they are scalable. :grinning:

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Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes you get so busy looking for that “special” design or element that you forget to just look in the obvious places.


Bookmarked as well!


Man, I love fonts. For anyone who is planning to make things commercially, remember most fonts are copyrighted, just like everything else. Even fonts that come with your computer and are ubiquitous, like Helvetica, Arial, and Times New Roman, are proprietary, so definitely take advantage of the resources @Jules posted - they’re great and outline the licensing.

If anyone wants to make their own fonts without the expensive software, fontstruct is an easy, basic web app. I’ve also used an app called iFontMaker (I think it’s $7 or something pretty cheap) that works well for more hand written or curvy fonts. They’re time consuming, but kind of relaxing. And you get faster when you start to realize repetitive shapes you can just copy and paste. Like, make n, and you have r, h, m, and u mostly made. Make p, and you have q, b, d, and maybe g done.


Bookmarked. Thanks!


Hi all!

I love those dingbats too, used them quite a lot and got hooked on vector designs by altering them.

Here’s a site I would love to share here, because they have great free stuff!!

Great base to start a cool design, use them as is, or alter them and make them into nice vector collages!

Greetings from The Netherlands and have a great day!


Very nice! :grinning:


This is great!

Thanks for sharing.


great stuff thanks for sharing.




Thank you for sharing that. I’m surely going to use some of those in my designs.


I was just looking at one site, and read the disclaimer:

All the dingbat fonts presented for download on are generally free to use for any personal use, however, if you would like to use them in a commercial project please check the Readme file for usage rights in this regard.

Just be aware of that when downloading the free fonts.


Oh, and one more thing, the site I’ve used in the past for vector graphics is:

They have tons of free vectors. They are not fonts, but you can import most of them into Inkscape (or whatever program you are using).


This is why I love the bookmark feature!

I never would have thought of any of this! Thank you!


Bookmarked - Awesome!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for this!!


Or, if you want to install something on your computer, FontForge. Seems like an appropriate accompanyment to Glowforge as far as names go.