Designs disappearing

I was about to engrave a design I’ve done a couple of days ago. I opened it like normal from the “Home” library, but nothing came up on my bed picture. I tried to open a few other ones, and the same thing happen to to some of them.

I came to the conclusion that I, of bad habit, press delete or backspace to remove the design before starting another one. Apparently that gets saved as any other transformation or adjustment.

The ones included from the beginning has an option to “reset design” which brings them back, but that’s not possible for the ones you add yourself.

Anyone else who had in to this issue ?

Would be great to be able to restore your own designs as well, if you accidentally delete or resize them, insted of needing to re-upload them again.


You can now make a copy of your own designs from the Dashboard before opening it to work on it. Click the little arrow in the right top corner of the thumbnail.

Indeed, as long as you remember you’re going to make a mistake before you do it, “make a copy” works perfectly.


to be fair, undo works perfectly, too. :slight_smile:

fwiw, i go back to my original files all the time. it doesn’t really take that long to load them (unless they’re crazy complicated) and i always consider my source files the final. what i do in the GF is more rearranging for materials or occasionally scaling for available space, if that’s appropriate. but that’s just my workflow.

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Undo doesn’t work after you’ve exited the file, which is the situation @jippi_xx described.

I still think autosave is a weird product decision that has resulted in user confusion and copy from the main screen is a workaround that isn’t really very effective at preventing the problems people had. Explicit save could have given us what we wanted and avoided the whole mess.

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i agree. but was pointing out that you can undo quite a few steps.

although the real issue he’s describing it that he’s deleting his design every time he exits, which i can’t really understand the reasoning for. i’m not sure i can see value in deleting everything at the end.

Now when I know about it I sure won’t delete them anymore :slightly_smiling_face: Just what I’m use to do with like Fusion 360 or so. It doesn’t seem possible to undo stuff after you exit the app. Could anyway be nice to be able to reset the design if you screw it up. But until / if that will be possible, it’s smart to do like @Jules mentioned, to work with a copy version of the design.

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i’m guessing that for your own designs, GFUI considers “reuploading” your original to be “resetting.” because that’s essentially what you’re doing when you reset the catalog design. “redownloading.”

Thanks for the workaround @jules, that’s a great approach for now.

And thanks for the suggestions all! I’ll make sure the team gets them. I’m going to close this thread - if you have any more questions, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!