Designs Won't Load

“This is taking longer than usual.
Try reloading the page.”

This message continues to pop up when attempting to open my designs. I’ve tried turning the GF off, opening in new browser, reloading, and restarting my computer. Anyone else having this issue? Or has anyone had this issue in the past and know how to fix it?

No issue here, and we’re all using the same app as it is web-based. I just tested with the most complex design I have (38,000 nodes) and it took 8 seconds to upload, process, then render. I do not have the “premium” fast lane.

Of course, the minute I ask for assistance, my GF is performing fine and the issue seems to be resolved.


Glitch in the matrix? They certainly aren’t changing things at 6AM in Seattle. :grinning:

Glad it’s working.


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