Desperately Seeking Snapmarks

Well, I just got my forge back from being repaired. It’s working well - but I am extremely disappointed in the shipping. CLEARLY, the repackaging person didn’t follow the GF instructions, as BOTH threaded knobs were floating inside the unit as well as the orange clip. The clip and one knob were stuck behind the vent fins!!! One of the silicon track bits was back by the coolant chamber. Disgusting sloppiness. On top of all that the lid camera is WAY more out of whack. I’m going to attach a picture of a rectangular piece of MDF for comparison. I also noted the lid cam looks like it’s not twisted into the correct position.
I’ll write support directly as well, but the main problem is now the camera alignment is so far off it’s useless. I need SNAPMAKRS or I will really be unable to use this for my business needs. Sad story. Anyone know a way to get the snapmarks other than waiting?

Waiting is your only option for Snapmarks.

You’ve already notified support by opening a thread here. It does the same thing as emailing - it opens a support ticket.


I’m so sorry for the problems. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.