Device Error When Setting Up Wi-Fi

here is the issue I am having.

  1. Huzzah! Your computer is connected to your Glowforge.
    Select your Wi-Fi network from the list on the right.
    Connect Your Glowforge to Wi-Fi

  2. The network ARRIS-8449 requires a password.
    I enter the password.
    Connecting to ARRIS-8449 …

  3. Connect Your Glowforge to Wi Fi
    Device Error!
    While trying to setup your Glowforge, it became no longer reachable or responded in an
    unexpected way. Please make sure you are connected to the Glowforge wifi network and
    click Restart Setup.
    If this keeps happening, please contact us

Well it keeps happening. So where do I go from here?

Is your WiFi router single or dual band? If dual you have to use the 2.4GHz network as that is all the GF supports.

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It’s 2.4 GHz

I would repeat the setup one more time to ensure you typed the password correctly. I presume by the SSID name this is a home connection and not an enterprise authentication?

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The password has been checked multiple times now. I used a generic name for the router for security reasons. It is not an enterprise issue. I really appreciate the suggestions. I’m feeling a lot of pressure as I am the one who recommended that we buy the Glowforge Pro despite there being other suggestions on the table. I may have made a mistake and will have to have it sent back. I’m hope that is not the case. But Monday morning is just around the corner and I will have to show-up or shut-up so to speak.

If your setup is Enterprise, you might try some of the things in this post:

Thanks for letting me know where not to post, but where should I have posted it?

Sorry I wasn’t clear. I meant only to refer you to a posting that might help in your situation, not to suggest posting elsewhere. Where you posted was in the correct place.

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OK, Thanks. I still have not had my emails answered and of course Glowforge doesn’t answer their phone. If I don’t get this up and running pronto, I’m going to be forced to return it very soon. Getting very frustrated with what appears, for now, to be a bad purchase.

Staff takes, generally, 3 days to respond. It’s been less than 1 and over a weekend at that. Have you tried any of the suggestions provided on @cynd11’s link? There’s a good chance that other users will be able to help long before staff gets here, but you need to try the things and respond for that to happen.

GF does not do phone support. They do have chat support when staff is available - but each time you contact them (you mentioned multiple emails) you open another ticket and that can slow down their response time (as they have to verify and clear any duplicate requests)

You both say “It is not an enterprise issue” and that you have to justify the purchase to some sort of employer - so why are you so sure it’s not an enterprise issue? Something as simple as a firewall can cause connection issues with hardware, and those can be added to “home” setups.

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Do you run Ubiquiti AP’s? Someone mentioned last week Ubiquiti’s auto optimize causes problems with the GF.

Didn’t mean to reply to you @deirdrebeth this was for @michael16

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Thanks for the help on this thread, everyone! @michael16, I’m so sorry for the challenging start. I see you emailed us about this, as well, and I just followed up there with some next steps. These steps include extracting some logs from your unit and sending them over to us. I’m going to close this thread and we can keep troubleshooting there.

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