Dice - made by kid

I have to share… my son is 12. He has seen me go through my own learning curve with vectors and GF settings and trying new stuff. We made a dice tower. Yesterday he decided to make a dice. I was “at work”, he worked all by himself on Affinity, got some father oversight while printing on the GF… and voilà! First try…


Nice! Those are some of the nicest dice I have seen on a GF! (but I am new too)

I think that is great job for a first try! Does he plan on making any revisions?


cool! I like his number representation!

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He did a great job. Look out - you may have to fight for time on your Glowforge in the very near future.

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That’s great! Wish we had this when our kids were young.

Nicely done! My daughter is working on a boredom spinner. It’s so fun when they see how they can bring their own ideas to life.

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He is off to a good start.

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could you by any chance share the files? I have been looking for some dice files and these would be great!

This is a gentle reminder that it is against forum rules to request files. If a designer chooses to share files, they will post in the Free Laser Design section of the forum.



It’s a very simple vector. I’ll look for it and post it in the Free Laser Design section. You will need some weight to put inside like a solid steel bearing ball that can fit in it.