Tiny Dice

This is for ⅛" draft board so the connections between sides are ⅛" and each side ends up to be 0.438 inch total. Don’t ask me how I came up with this… Remember to insert a ⅛" solid steel bearing ball to ensure functionality.
Tiny Dice


Thank you!

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Here is a version with the view box smaller so it is easier to see. It is still the same size, it only looks bigger in the browser. It will load the same in the GFUI, just closer to the upper-left corner.

Tiny Dice

I also grouped each side individually, just in case you want to move them around to cut on scrap pieces.

Thanks for sharing this design!


That’s a great way to make sure the dice stay random! I know one of the issues the resin dice folks have is if there is any sort of weight shift in the pour/dry process they’ll end up with accidental weighted dice :stuck_out_tongue:

FYI - it will load the same as long as they don’t edit it in any other program. Many programs have different LPI and it’ll adjust the size. The only way to guarantee it’ll load the right size even if someone edits it is to have a 20"x12" view box (because they literally programmed that in fairly early on).


You keep telling people this, but if the LPI is different in the other applications then the view box would no longer be 20"x12".

I feel the need to get one of the other applications. I doubt the issue is with the file. It sounds like an application configuration issue. I know that I cannot change the LPI in Inkscape (I have tried, just to see if I can create this “problem”).

Edit: Further research shows that Affinity Designer, Corel Draw, and a few other applications have this issue with their configuration when generating an SVG.

But if the file is not generated in those applications I would hope they would use the configured view box? I suspect that :glowforge: ignores the view box settings in the SVG and defaults to a 20"x12" view. That would make complete sense with how the application works.

It appears that it comes down to knowing how to use the application for the purpose intended. Nothing I can find says that it is an issue with the file, but the application that created or is reading the file.

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Thanks for the share!

Nice, thanks for the share.