Did anybody else receive their GlowForge unit without the power chord?

I Purchased my first GlowForge Plus and it arrived today without a power chord. When I first seen how big the package was, I figured that everything would be inside. However, it was only the machine without any other equipment. Fedex says I have another package coming two days from now on Friday. Is this normal to receive a unit without a power supply? Some of the videos I’ve seen on Youtube state that the power supply is in the foam with the machine, not the case for me. Also, my machine had black fingerprint marks on the machine, I assume they go through an inspection before they are sent out. It gave me the vibe of possibly being a refurbished unit, didn’t have that brand new shine to it. Has anybody else had this experience? I guess I won’t be up and printing within 30 minutes of getting my Glowforge!

Usually the crumb tray & power cord are shipped in a smaller box.


Totally normal. The smaller box also contains all the sample materials.


The other box also has the crumb tray that you will want before trying to start up. Better to start by arranging what you have and read and reread the starting procedures as that will pay off big time when you finally get your other box.


They get run through their paces before they’re sent off, which means they’ve been used and have burned stuff, and gotten smoked up. It’s hard to make one look totally squeaky clean once it’s smoked itself up making a few cuts. :slight_smile:


I’m so sorry that you didn’t receive your Accessory Kit at the same time as your Glowforge. Your power cord ships inside the Accessory Kit, along with your crumb tray, vent hose, and Proofgrade materials. I’ve checked your tracking information and verified that it is on track for delivery tomorrow.

Finally, I’m sorry to hear that your Glowforge arrived with fingerprints. I looked into your order and confirmed that your printer is brand new. Could you email us detailed pictures of the issues? Once we receive your pictures, we can reply with guidance about what to do next.

Today marks the 5th day that I have had my glowforge and it stopped firing the laser all together. I engraved about 20 logos successfully for my hat company and then just lightly burned that last piece leaving what appeared to be burn marks and then it just went out. The laser will not fire. It goes through all the motions but it will not fire. I have a huge event this weekend for Labor Day and am heavily relying on this machine this weekend. I have had a terrible experience from start to finish with this machine and it sucks cause I’ve heard such good things about this machine and I was really hoping for that same experience!! I will attach photos and videos I am requesting a phone cal to actually speak with someone to get me taken care of please!


Video.mov (1.85 MB)

I’m so sorry for the trouble. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.