Did GF just lose a million in funds? (SOLVED)

Sorry if this is not appropriate, but I could swear GF had 28.7 million last night and now the site says 27.9. Anyone know what happened? I get a couple people will drop out here and there, but this is a large change.

It was a ticker of current sales.

Now it is showing the final number for the 30 day point, minus a few sales which happened before the campaign went live.

So a bit was subtracted since time had passed from the official exact 30 day marker before they memorialized the record number.

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Ohhhh okay, Got it. I was worried something negative was mentioned about the GF and a bunch jumped ship. Haha. I need more faith in them. :wink: Thanks!

Dammit. Let me check under the couch and…

wait, no. @jacobturner is right.


Literally laughing out loud. Thanks for the confirmation Dan.

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