Did my order go though as it should have?

i just got an email from Bailey saying i didnt use my discount/bought a GF, so you guys had made it so it could be used longer, but i have already ordered and payed for one.
Did something go wrong? :confused:

Uh oh! @bailey can take a look and see if your discount was applied. If you purchased with a different email than you used for the list, it may not have been.

I used the same email, thats why i got a bit confused :no_mouth:

Just piping in that I had the same thing happen to me. I replied to that email and now have had a ticket open for five days with a lot of interspersed back and forth - @bailey confirmed Glowforge sees my credit card transaction and everything, but they seem to have no record of my order?! Will update here if there is any progress on a resolution…

Just following up that @bailey did help me resolve this problem by issuing an order receipt and getting my order into the system (and kindly making sure I have my place in line per the timestamp on my original confirmation email). She also mentioned that this was very much a unique anomaly, so not indicative of their general service.

Thanks, looks like i have the same issue then, did you email her directly or?

It started that way, as I just replied to that “Glowforge mistake” email - but eventually that lead to a support ticket. It looks like you could possibly submit a request to open a support ticket here if that hasn’t happened: http://faq.glowforge.com/
(I also mentioned your situation / linked to this post in my last message about an hour ago)

thanks, ill see if she contacts me, if not ill try the support ticket system.
Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Tickets are the best way to make sure things happen, eventually. Email is a good way to poke us if something urgent is going on.

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