Different finish on proofgrade maple plywood medium vs thick?

I’ve been cutting thick PG maple plywood and it has a beautiful smooth finish with a bit of sheen to it. Tonight I cut some medium and the finish is dull-to-none (feels the same as raw Baltic birch) and it is completely matte. It has been a while since I’ve cut medium maple PG plywood, so I looked or other things I’d cut from it and it’s the same unfinished look. Not sure if the twins boards were from the same order or not, but it’s unfortunate because now I have two maple items shipping out to a customer, but the finishes look & feel completely different from one another.

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The latest batch of medium PG cherry plywood I received is similar. Instead of the gorgeous satin finish I’m used to, it’s quite rough and feels almost unfinished. It’s adequate for the projects I have queued up, but very disappointing.

Thanks for letting us know about this. We are continually making adjustments and improvements to our Proofgrade, so finish and other minor details may vary from shipment to shipment. The finish on the sheets does sound consistent with what we would expect.

I’ve passed your comments along to the team. We really do appreciate your feedback and take everything into consideration. Please continue to share your feedback and experiences with us - they do make an impact!