Different picture or box hangers for people who can't screw straight

So I am completely useless at screwing anything into a wall straight or in the right place. Every shelf is slightly wonky and every picture needs blu-tak to balance it. So I thought I would design some ways to hang things.

These are particularly designed for gluing onto the back of acrylic sheets and give a stand out from the wall at the same time. They would work with anything hidden though I think.

The core idea is that bits screwed to the wall push or hold up a fixed part of the frame.
By either rotating or sliding it should be possible to adjust up/down or side/side until things are square.

Some of these must be fitted exactly on the frame, some can be a bit more casual.

I mostly had in mind a single hanging point in the frame, but you can use some of them in pairs top left and right.

Hope this helps and if anyone has any other variations I would love to see them.

Incidentally, I went looking on Amazon for anything that might help and couldn’t really find anything.

EDIT: Colour scheme on the “Dead Square” example is wrong. The olive bit should be a normal plate with a whole in the middle - it is correct in the SVG.


SVG File



Thanks. I tend to not hang anything because it ends up being an exercise in frustration. This will help me.

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While no doubt my husband will get your diagrams immediately, I will have to study them at length to figure out what is going on… I am sure this will come in handy at some time though, so I thank you for sharing!


Ditto! Not quite sure I could figure out how to use them without seeing one demo’d, but it’s a cool idea nonetheless. :grinning:


Understood - I’ll try and make a mini video - I realise it’s not immediately obvious.


Looks like the svg didn’t make it?

it’s there. it’s just really tiny (see the little red blotch i circled in blue).


For the worlds tiniest wall decor? :slight_smile:


just looked again and still don’t actually see the red spot but I right clicked in that area a couple of times and it finally showed “save image as” so its there but it must be really tiny in my browser.


Some of these could be very handy. Thank you so much!

Don’t mean to make more work for you! It appears there are others as mystified as me though, so if you can find the time to illustrate, it will be much appreciated. :fu:

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Squaring objects on walls is always a hang up.


This is brilliant. Thanks so much!

FYI, if you want to make the SVG easier to click on, you can edit that post and increase the size in the tag. The Discourse forum software has a weird behavior where it reads your SVG and if, for example, the file is 3x5 inches, it thinks it’s 3x5 pixels. I usually just add a couple of zeroes to each number and it comes out to a reasonable size.

Alternatively, you can upload a ZIP file and not worry about it.


FYI you can also change the size in the post…



You guys!!! Next time you are hanging something…lets say a picture frame. Take some painters tape, put it across the back of the frame and mark the holders with a pen. Peel off the tape and put it on the wall. Check to make sure it’s level. Drill holes or hammer nails into the marked spots. Remove tape. Hang level picture. This literally works for everything. I hung blinds with this technique last weekend. Hope this helps you all!


Good idea. I always struggle with stuff like this


This works if the hangers are symmetrical. :slight_smile: For manufactured products like blinds, usually not an issue. For picture frames, sometimes not! Ask me how I know.


ok … How do you know? Do tell … we can all use some light hearted “this is how it happened” news today… :crazy_face:

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Just a picture that didn’t come out straight. It was big and heavy and the hangers were in the corners, but once the holes are made in the sheetrock, they are hard to correct…

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