Different settings depending on where the artwok is on the bed

Hey, im finding that i need different settings depending on the location the arwork is on the bed.

In the same job/cut I find some areas work great and then some just wont even cut half way down and ill have to not move my material and do a 2nd or 3rd pass for those areas.

Is this normal?

Im using 3mm draftboard and 3mm acrylic.

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If your crumb tray isn’t level, or out of the groove it could cause this from the laser being defocused, or not flat material. Outside of that I’ve got nothing.

You could cut 2 gift of good measures in 1 job in both areas working and not working, then try again in the not working area and manual focus first.


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Sharing a photo or two of what is happening might be helpful. The slightest warpage of material can cause inconsistent cuts. Are you securing the draftboard to the honeycomb tray so that it is absolutely flat.

Things to check while waiting for support to get back to you: Is the machine level ? Are the indentations where the honeycomb tray sits free of all debris? Is the honeycomb tray warped? Are all of the optics clean?


I tend to find that cuts on the right side of my bed start to weaken when I need to clean the mirrors - especially the one under the gantry on the left side. The lower right hand corner is the farthest the laser has to be reflected so it shows those signs first.


Hi @lani.angele. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve run into some trouble with prints not cutting through material completely. I understand that you’re noticing it occurring on certain areas of the print bed, and have been getting some great advice regarding checks with the crumb tray and material being completely flat. To help me troubleshoot this, can I have you run our Gift of Good Measure placing the design on the areas where you notice the most trouble cutting through? Photos of the back and front of the material, along with the date and time of the print can be posted to help me review that data in the log files.


Also, feel free to post any photos of recent prints affected by the cut trouble, and the date and time they were run? I can review anything posted and decide on any next steps to help. Thank you!