Difficult to remove masking from PG leather

I cut two pieces of medium PG leather last night with PG settings. both on separate sheets of PG. both times, I found it very difficult to begin to peel off the masking. once it got started, it peeled off relatively easily. but both times it seemed like the edges of the masking had, for lack of a better word, fused to the leather surface where the burn had happened. it took some very careful prying with a fine pair of tweezers to get it to start peeling in both cases.

i haven’t had problems with masking on any other material. nor did i have any problem with the medium tack masking i applied to my own non-PG leather.


I haven’t tried it on leather, but using the sticky side of regular masking or a piece of tape, dragging your finger tip in straight lines with moderate pressure rolls pieces of masking off easily on :proofgrade: ply. Might be worth a try.

i haven’t had any problems with just pressing well and peeling with gorilla tape on any wood/acrylic products, so i haven’t tried that method. but next time i cut something on PG leather, i’ll try that with the gorilla tape.

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Totally agree.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to let us know. I’ll pass it to the Proofgrade team!