Dim. are way off

i have had gf just over a year .i seem to be running into a problem with my dim running real big +.05/+.1 then the program i put in. this is a new problem i have been having. i am using Netscape and been having no problems.i am not sure what changed.

I’m assuming Dim is dimensions, and Netscape=inkscape…?

I was having trouble with inkscape designs changing size of the dimensions when importing into the GF Gui…but someone told me that if I always save it in inkscape onto a 20x12 artboard, it kinda fixes that problem. Haven’t had any further issues.


sorry i was flustered when i was typing i will give it a try thanks

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wow something so simple
thanks that worked perfectly


Exactly my thoughts when it happened to me, lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You are not alone. It has happened to MANY of us!


Welcome to the forum! You have just discovered the best resource for your laser!

Netscape? Haven’t heard that word in quite a while. Support for all versions of Netscape browsers stopped in 2008.

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Thanks for the answer @robermar36.

I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this.