Dirt I cannot get to to clean

The left window on the bottom of my laser head has ‘dirt’ on the inside’. How do I clean this? How did it get there?

Is that a small hole at the top? :flushed:

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No - grime on the inside - it is totally sealed - so I don’t know how it got grime inside.

Here is a better photo…

That window is not designed to be removed. This will be interesting.

What is the condition of the rest of the internals in the head? There’s a tiny fan in there, I wonder how contaminated it is.

I keep that clean with QD Contact Cleaner - it looks fine - I clean everything every 10 cuts or so (I do a lot of draftboard)

I am praying this can be fixed quickly - I have our first Market Stall in 9 days.

If the machine is functioning correctly I would just run with it. 9 days factoring in delays here and in the mail is gonna cut it close I think.

I just pulled the head to have a look under magnification and found something that surprised me. Those indents in a triangle around that lens/window have a fluid in them. :face_with_monocle:
Both of those sensors. There never has been any fluid in my machine put there by me. I’m going to venture some kind of oil… but why? Could it be put there as a seal? Doubtful, there are much more effective ways.
That looks to be a small cavity that houses the red laser and another sensor. I don’t see any avenue for debris to get in there, which without knowing suggests to me that the seal around that window is suspect - backed up by very similar looking stuff in those three indents in yours. If you have some canned air or a compressor you could try to gently blow around that window and those 3 indents and see if any of that stuff dances around.

Still liquid?

On mine it’s more like (cured) resin that was put there to secure the windows. They have been reports of them falling out/missing.

To the best of my knowledge, three-segment LED is the light that comes on to take pics, the smaller domed LED is the laser, and the other window has the head camera behind it.

Yes! It looked shiny like cured epoxy, but I touched them with a dental pick and was astounded there was a pretty low viscosity liquid in all of them.

I see a tiny lens in there recessed and set back at an angle that led me to believe it is the red laser.

Hoping to get a response from Support today on this!

I’m sorry about the trouble with your unit’s print head. I see you already emailed us about this and I’ve sent you a response with next steps there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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