Dirty Camera Lens?

So I just set up my new GF Basic and noticed this strange black blurry squiggly. I used a micro-fiber cloth to wipe the camera lens but the squiggly is still there. I’m guessing it’s a piece of dust or something stuck inside the camera lens.

Anyone else having this issue? Any idea on how to remove the squiggly?


There are instructions for how to remove and clean the lens here, in the Support button on the app:


Thanks for the answer @Jules!

@mindy_tom4 Could you wipe the lens according to the cleaning instructions and let us know how it goes?

That’s for removing the laser lens, not the lens on the lid camera, which isn’t end-user serviceable.

Right, of course. Sometimes I whip through these a little too fast. (She won’t actually need to remove it to wipe it.) :smile:

The person already said they wiped it. Looks like you whipped through it a little too fast the second time too :wink:

Gee whizbangers.

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Haha, yes I’ve already wiped down the camera lens. Still not sure what the issue here is. @semhar, any ideas?

I usually end up doing the “whoops - skimmed email reply” on work emails.

@mindy_tom4 thanks for your quick response!

Unfortunately, we’ve found that we need to replace your Glowforge. I’ve followed up by email with additional information.