Ive had my glow forge for 5 months now and have used it for maybe 30 hrs for my small business. The problem I have is when it returns home it hits the left all very hard and knocks its self out of alignment. The machine is clean belts are good rails are clean and now it keeps telling me there is something in the way a bump error but there is nothing in the way. Figures just when I get busy.
I read a thread from another guy that had same problem and it sounded like it was unfixable. Any help would be great. Im in Canada so that could be a problem. Thanks

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What kind of machine is it? (Pro, Plus or Basic)

That’s weird. How are all the wheels?

Wheels are fine belts are good tention good, and the machine is a basic.

How long does it take Glowforge to respond to a email in regards to service of unit?

Hello it’s a basic. Was thinking about buying another one but not sure now. Do you know how long it takes for Glowforge to respond to an email in regards to service help.

One business day, on average.

If you have already emailed as well as opening a ticket here, they will close this discussion and work with you via email.

Okay, if it had been a Pro i would have had you check for something but the problem is limited to those machines.

Try this…

  • Turn the machine off.

  • Move the head gently and slowly out underneath the lid camera. (By hand.)

  • Close the lid.

Turn the machine on and let it complete the Startup calibration before sending any commands or opening the app.

If it still bangs at the left let us know.

How do I open a ticket. Sorry if that sounds like a dumb question

You post here (which you have already done), or you email support.

If you’ve not emailed them, then there is no need. Either way opens a ticket in the same system for them.

Yes I did that several times moving laser head under camera and sometimes that works. When it does start to work it will stop and the machine vibrates and tells me it has bumped something but there is nothing in the way. I then gently push laser head back home turn on power and it will go through calibration and when it returns home it will hit the side and then I try to print and it’s at least 2 inches out of alignment

Thank you for the help

I see we’ve been working on this through email and I’ve just followed up with the next steps there.

To avoid duplicate communication, this post will be closed and we’ll continue to work on this through email.