Disappointment is an understatement

Once again, I mentioned I don’t have help… even if I get it in my truck, who will get it out? I drive around for days in my truck until my son comes home. NO… I just told the supervisor if it’s not here today they can send it back to Glowforge I don’t need this stress!

I wasn’t saying you should pick up at depot. My experience was negative.

I am in a power chair and do not have help. Even when I got my last one it was weeks between when it arrived and when the dead one left in the box the original had come in trying to manage. When it is delivered I have had them bring it inside, and come inside to take the old one. I have several PG sized sheets with wheels for getting stuff about and I made a set of lifts to pick stuff up that they expect one to bring up from the floor.

That is made in 1/4 in plywood and stout string like parachute cord and makes lifting much easier. Lifting half at a time 4-6 inches at a time will get it dome.

Just remember for every complaint, there are tons of people happily busy working with their machine. Don’t get worried.


And your point is? Why did you need to come and say this? That’s a glow up b/c you can work and some of us can’t through the holiday thanks for your kindness it was quite ugly…

I was replying to someone else. I’m sorry you have had a bad experience. My comment wasn’t directed to you at all! Obviously you posted this to vent. And it’s fine to vent. But not everyone will have a horrible experience, and I will always do what I can to encourage people to not assume the worst based on someone else’s experience. I hope everything works out for you!


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