Monster hook (with lots of teeth)

“Just get down on the ground and you can feel under the rim there a place to fit your hand. So just grab it there and lift!” It hurts my bad back just to type this and perhaps to read it. The old color printer has been sitting about for months with nobody able to help.

It hurt mu back a bunch just to look but while there are a number of places to lift from there was no way to get the leverage. but there wasn’t a good location that they would be strong enough and not slip. What was needed was fingers and even two or three hooks would just slide together.

So I am looking at the handles I have been making from the scraps of the boxes. (if you cut fingers to cross in the work, the scraps will also have mirrored fingers) only some scraps have fingers on both sides, so I have a lot of channels and angles made from those. "AHA! if the right channel or U-joint were made it would be like a whole stack of hooks glued side by side and be a lot like fingers. a simple glue job would not do, but with lots of crossed fingers the joint is very strong,

I needed to rope through but did not want it permanent so I made the places for the rope open but hooked enough to hold on the rope.

The result is monstrous but it fits under the rim.


There are made into filehandles but the idea is interchangeable as instead of a file a rope runs through.