Discouraged about my future with glowforge!

Anyone else feeling let down by Glowforge with the release of the “Spark” just shortly after the “Aura” release? Can we get some real time help and function out of the Aura first?! How about an affordable subscription to start with! I almost burnt down my house and got divorced for crying out loud! Darn thing won’t recalibrate, and doesn’t cut right no matter what trouble shoot route I have taken. The dang this louder than a tractor among many other things. Can I get some answers please, before I have a mental breakdown.

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Hi @suzieali84 - I’m so sorry to hear about your experience with your Glowforge. Have you reached out to our Support team to see if they can help you and get your machine back on track? They would love to help you!


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Do you want assistance or are you just venting? Either one is perfectly acceptable. You do not need to pay any subscription to enjoy the Aura. I find the Aura pretty quiet compared to the Performance printer, so there may be something wrong. Are you using the filter? Is that where the noise is coming from? There are many people here in the forum that would be glad to help you with any cutting issues you may be having.

If you don’t want assistance from the forum, that is ok, but maybe you could get some of your frustrating issues addressed.


If your Aura material caught fire that could be the source of many problems.

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Thank you so much to everyone who responded :pray:…. It is extremely frustrating.
-Yes I have a the filter , honestly it’s not so much the noise as it is the time :sob:. Something that should probably take 30 min is taking two hours.

  • it won’t re calibrate or align to cut again properly :woman_facepalming: and if I go through the whole list of troubleshooting it somehow freezes.
    -I have moved my machine only one time since I bought it (which seemed to be a problem for some people but after recalibrating it works just fine for everyone) …a piece of the camera cover is also coming off.
  • since I bought the aura I have mustered up the enthusiasm about once a month to pay for the membership again and go back in and try to deal with the issues, 2 days 3 maybe and then I give up and don’t try to use it again for the rest of the month.:joy:
  • this time around it took hours and some prayer to get it back on line but it’s extremely slow now.

I tried replying to everyone but it only did to one person I don’t know what to do about , another issue is that it keeps getting stuck in the cool down mode and the filter stays on for like an hour .

It did momentarily, which i just found out today is normal but it’s not supposed to be that long. And I’ve only been using the laser safe products.

  • also not cutting all the way through despite trying many different settings. :melting_face:
  • Also won’t let me choose material type anymore it’s grayed out and sometimes on “auto” . I don’t know how I even did that.

Acrylic is “laser safe” in that in normal use it does not produce poisonous or corrosive gases. Anything you can cut will burn (that is what a laser does) but acrylic will become flame faster and easier than most wood and in every case that I know the material that made a burnt wreck of a Gloswforge, the material was acrylic, and the owner’s attention was elsewhere.

In a few cases, it was caught quickly, but the machines still needed some rebuilding.


Please do reach out to our Support team at support@glowforge.com or call them at 1-855-338-2122 from 8am-3pm PT, M-F if you already haven’t. If you haven’t received a response and you have either emailed or called them, please let me know and I can flag this to them. Thanks!


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