Discussion of April 2020 update

Update here: April 2020 Update (Latest)


The updates are awesome.

I’m looking forward to Worldwide Laser Thursday

Thanks Dan and Glowforge team! You rock :guitar:


Looking good! One feature request w/ the precision positioning: rotation control with 1/10 or 1/100 accuracy would be really helpful.


With the way this year has been going, I expected “the big one”, but I didn’t expect it would be good news! What an update!


Great update! I’m really thrilled to be a part of this community as I just got my Glowforge yesterday, but I’ve been lurking around for a couple of weeks! I have an online jewelry business that is going to benefit greatly from this investment, and I’m so inspired that I’m going to be opening up a second online shop that will offer items for your home!

Hope I get a chance to talk to you Sunday!


I had no idea of the value that would materialize after I bought this thing.
Salute to the team. :sunglasses:… and the foresight of the potential that connectivity implies. :+1:


Very excited about the new passthrough features (can’t wait to see them rolled out in my direction) and the improvements to the design library.

My one request is being able to delete the default, built-in designs from the library. Most of those “freebies” will never get used by me and they just clutter up my library.

Thanks for the progress!


Fairly new person here. Since the update three hours ago, I can’t print? Is there something manual I’m supposed to do? I’ve turned it on and off, I’m just getting a timeout error, “Something went wrong.”

That’s — fairly general.

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Great new features! Can’t wait to try them out.

Will there be a search feature in the library? So we can find our designs by name?

Would love to have that added if possible.

Love my GF :blush:


The update post mentioned that the graphics are commercially licensed. Are the fonts as well? Can I sell things I make with the text tool? As a point of feedback, it doesn’t weld/unite the text in script fonts, which means they can’t be cut out only engraved.

So we paid a lot of money for the machine itself and now they are going to paywall a good portion of the software required to run the machine we already bought? At the very least I’m disappointed in this decision. Some might even call it a scam.


All of the functionality you bought the machine for is still there, nothing has been removed, they are just offering an additional option.
and right now, there is the ability for you to evaluate the features and decide if they are of any value to you,


:roll_eyes: “a good portion of the software required”


These are new features in the premium package that you don’t even have yet. Nothing you’ve been using already is being moved behind a paywall.


If you read the announcement, ALL of the existing software (up to this release) is going to remain available at no additional cost to you. They are continuing to develop and roll out new enhancements, some of which will be rolled out with no additional charge, and others (which are an alternative to design software or other paid sources of art, more complex features, etc, - and which are beyond the functionality that was promised) will be available as a subscription, IF YOU CHOOSE TO SUBSCRIBE. You do not need to subscribe, and if you choose not to, your existing functionality will continue, and will also get some additional updates at no cost,


Time will tell. I hope you are right.

Again. I hope you are right. Hopefully they continue to keep print features and design tools separate. It seems to me there is a potential for a slippery slope where some novel printing options could slide through that paywall.

Pardon my drama… I’ll chalk it up to being cooped up inside


Love the new design library, are there any plans to allow ‘browsing’ of the vector art as opposed to doing direct searches? I’d love to see everything the new catalog has to offer as a means of coming up with new ideas when I don’t have a direct query in mind.


I’m sorry if I came across snippy… two 10-hour video calls today (at the same time) also had me a little on edge. :wink:

Given my experience here, and seeing Dan’s staunch commitment to the Glowforge community - and promises to his customers, I have the utmost confidence that we will all be pleased by how this plays out.


Thank you so much for the trial version of the software. In the meantime, I created a cute little something for my husband but couldn’t locate how to save it. Did I miss something that was right in front of me? :fearful:

Thanks again, “Sam”

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Everything you create is automatically saved in your Design Library, just as it’s always been when you uploaded designs in the past. There’s no save button.

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