Discussion of Ear Savers: 800,000 Ears In

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Whoa. Over 8,500,000 requests? Just making sure – that’s 8.5 MILLION?

I guess I’d better order more acrylic…


How long do you think it will take to come up to speed with the production tooling? It seems that if you can make hundreds of thousands a day that way, you’ll be able to move your way through the 8.5M fairly quickly.

Knowing when you’re going to be up to speed will let the rest of us know when we should plan to wrap it up so we’re not left with a pile of supplies for matches that won’t come after you’re pumping out a million or more a week.

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Is the acrylic discount still on? I was looking and most all options were gone and awaiting restock a couple of days ago. I was shipping ear savers yesterday. I have enjoyed making these for folks!!

I used it today, so yes. :slight_smile:

Yes :slight_smile:

Our large-scale production will help the biggest requestors, but most of our output will be going to large organizations that need 5k-50k at a time. We won’t be able to serve local needs for dozens and hundreds at a time, so please don’t plan to wrap anything up!

It is, and we just restocked a few colors.


Changes to the Volunteer Form!

The volunteer form now allows you to enter any number of Ear Savers to donate. Yea!

The two shipping cost fields have disappeared, though. I’m hoping @dan will explain the implications of this change.

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There have been lots of discussions on materials and designs in the forum. Does Glowforge still believe the 1/8 acrylic and the original design is the best overall approach, all things considered?

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I’m excited about this project and have filled 3 orders for 385 each already BUT I live in a fairly rural area and there are very few folks going to order within 50 miles of me. PLEASE put the mailing option back in. So far I’ve mailed 2 batches to California and 1 to Florida.


Thanks for the latest designs! Printed the door one yesterday and aded a smaller 1/4" piece on the back so it would sit away from the door to allow room for the EarSavers to slot in. Then used some Command things to attach to the glass door (background is just the glass reflecting back). I have more EarSavers to add, but it is a high wind day, so we’re testing how this stands up to the elements.

This is more my speed at the moment. Having some health issues (non covid-19 related) I haven’t felt up to par to commit to large quantities of these, but still want to do my bit even though my rate of production is slow and small. Having a steady stream of deliveries for years - the guys are actually used to receiving little presents at my house. :smiley:

I’ve been thinking for awhile now that it would be nice to have another option where we can submit the number of EarSavers we’ve donated without using the form and being matched; i.e. supplied our locally known doctor’s offices, stores, family and staff, etc. Just a thought.


Oops - back to the original version

Yes. We didn’t see anything in the discussion in the forums that wasn’t a part of the original design considerations. All of the suggested improvements have meaningful tradeoffs that we don’t think are right to make for the reference design. Of course, if individuals want to make different decisions, they’re welcome to.


If one person takes an Ear Saver from your door, that’s one more person who’s going to have a better fitting mask that’s going to do less damage to their ears. That’s awesome!


Thanks Dan!

I have provided about a dozen or so people with the ear savers and received feedback. Some had issues with it getting stuck in their hair, being uncomfortable on their head or too smaill. Some requested a longer size and some suggested a more bendable plastic. Someone suggested PLA filament. Can anyone help with these issues, please


I’m about to print the wall mount as well, but have a question for you. I assume that black should be engraved, and red should be cut. But what’s the deal with the black circles in the middle of the slots? If I only engrave these circles then there won’t be an opening into which the ear savers can fit.

Yes, those circles get engraved. That’s where you’ll hang the middle of the earsaver on. The surrounding strips get cut.

I’d like to know how it held up in strong winds…they have been really strong here the last couple of days. Barely vented the window in my car and about lost my hat (and my ponytail was saving it). Was driving out to pick hubby up from work and was surprised at how strong it was.

I tried to flag down the UPS guy that brought us our AC Infinity fan to hand him an Ear Savers but that man is fast on his feet and his brown get-away horse even faster. LOL Would have loved to had this sign on the porch!

Gave some gloves and an Ear Saver to the Shatto milk guy today.

I’m using .030 clear acrylic from Johnson Plastics or BFPlastics and its working great. Flexible so it shapes to the head. Easy to mail up to 400 in a 9"x12" Tyvek envelope. I’ve sent out almost 3,000 of these and my folks love it. Plus you get 340 or so from a 24"x49" sheet for about $20. I’m engraving at 1000/full/225 lines and cutting at 300/full on a GF Pro.


Dan, I’m still not seeing the mailing option?

Storm approved! Withstood 50 mph wind gusts from SSE, with door facing east on porch. Everything as it should be this morning. Used 2 Velcro command strips, one on glass door, and one on the thank you sign.


Dan can we please go back to the original form for the makers willing to make and send ear savers. Cause the new format is confusing. SOME of us are willing to ship to any state and when asking how many ear savers we will make, the new format is confusing cause I’m not sure if you’re asking for how many sheets or how many ear savers. Please reformat it better cause the updated one SUCKS, no offense the other one was better