Discussion of (early!) July update


This topic is for the discussion of the early July update.

The code is going live later this afternoon - don’t worry unless you haven’t seen it by morning. :slight_smile:


Precision Power and Draftboard! These are two things I’ve been itching to see!! You guys are the best! Thanks for the update!!


Awesome news all around! (And early to boot!) Thanks guys! :grin:

(And i imagine the betas and PRU units will NOT be seeing this - I doubt these machines have been tuned for it…or it might work a bit wonky for our units.)


Woohoo, exciting news all around!!

The precision power feature looks especially wonderful … just to clarify, this feature is only available on production units at this time?

You must be so happy to share these announcements. Kudos and thanks for your hard work.


Worse: it breaks Proofgrade settings for beta and PRU units. It’s manual mode from here on out.

Sorry :frowning:

I’m not actually sure - @rita can fill you in. I believe an email is headed to beta/PRU customers shortly about this. We just didn’t want to update all our customers with the details for the comparatively small number of beta/PRU folks.


Awesome Job! You guys still are doing an amazing job and keep introducing some great features that I would have never thought of. Now that you bring the ideas to my attention I have so many plans for these great features, like the Precision Power with the regular copy paper! Wow!:grinning::blush::glowforge::thumbsup:


Perfectly okay. I know it’s coming. :wink:


“Getting the perfect Full Power requires our factory technicians to perform a careful dial-in period on optical benches for each Glowforge unit that we build”

Does this apply to replacement tubes as well?
The power control is going to be killer. (sniff) since this is a PRU I presume i wont see any changes…?

Awesome work team glowforge!:sunglasses:

Edit; beat me to it



'nuff said!



Very welcome developments.

Is there a discontinuity between 99 and Full Power? I.e. why is it not simply 1-100?


Yes, replacement tubes must be calibrated at the factory as well.


I understand they have governed power so you can’t overdrive the tube.


Makes that shipping included both ways for US customers look a lot more attractive.


Kidding, kidding. I’ll live, and am still extremely grateful for the opportunity that I’ve had
to play with the PRU. It has been a wonderful experience, and now I’m even more excited about my eventual production model!

Makes sense.


The power supply operates differently between precision mode and full power mode, so you’ll see a big change between 99 and 100 (which is why I shared the UI sneak peek - the current UI is obsolete and will be confusing). I’m not going to share more details because it took our physicists a long time to make this work and I don’t want to deprive scientists working elsewhere of the joy of discovery. :wink:


You have such an eloquent way to describe IP protection, best laugh of the day.


Such a great update! :grin:


Great news! So glad for you and the engineering team. Thanks for all the hard work. This is a big milestone for everyone. The draft board will be very helpful for people.

Looking forward to see what the production units can do with these upgrades.


@dan, Full Power mode *REALLY needs to be relabeled to “11”

I expect all our friends here will get that reference. :smiley:

Edit: OK I couldnt even let my comment go by without looking up the clip and making myself laugh…


So if you do a greyscale engrave is 0-255 in the image mapped to to 0-99 and maximum power not available?