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This is a great idea and I want to do it. I don’t have enough acrylic to make many, so I’m looking for a local source right now. I’ll sign up when I’m ready to go.

This will work great. I started printing the 3D printed ones on Saturday, but I can only do 7 every 90 minutes that way. This will be much more efficient.

On the page it asks if we’re willing to customize the text on them if requested. I don’t see a place to download the SVG file to customize. I see the plan in the catalog, but the text is part of the print so there is no way to remove that and add what is requested.


Thank you!
I will have to take a break from work in a bit and see if I have any 1/8" acrylic on hand before signing up.

Just a couple of notes: I had some trouble finding the file at first but then I was able to find it here. I know some people were commenting that the design looked like it had a lot of waste. If you use the full-sheet file, it does not have any waste. :slight_smile:

And you can ignore the artwork so there is no writing on it if you don’t want that (for example, for sterilization purposes).


It’s on the page linked from the catalog.

Direct link to the files.


That answered my question about the file. Thank you very much for sharing. As soon as I get my acrylic situation figured out I’ll be signing up.

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Hi, what type of acrylic is used? I guess I mean thickness. I’m interested in helping out and need to know what thickness of acrylic to use. I imagine thin and flexible would be best?

I think the instruction says the 1/8" acrylic.

Has anyone tried to load and print this, as it does not seem to be scaled for the sheet correctly. It’s off by atleast 1/2 inch.


Fits perfectly here. Well within cut limits.



@bailey Sorry if I missed this but, where do we send them after we make them?

I’m getting a no artwork found on my pro. looks like 18.55 is the max with it seems to like.

We will contact you to connect you with someone who has requested! :slight_smile:

I have 150 made so far, one thing that is unclear , I may have missed it , but are all lines cuts or are center suppose to be scores? I made one with all cuts and it gives it greater flexibility but not sure if that is right. I have 150 that have text, and wavy center lines only scored.

Text and accent lines should be scored, I believe.

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I found that by deleting the disclaimer at the top I was able to get another row that adds another 4 Ear Savers. I don’t know if I could upload that here since it’s not my file, but anyone can do that in Inkscape or Illustrator if you want to do that on your own copy (if that’s okay with @bailey).

Edit: Oops, scratch that. Turns out the full page design fully uses all the sheet–the file’s disclaimer actually fits in the non printable area of the Glowforge.


I will be out of rehab Wednesday and hope, after a few days to cozy up to Glowrioski again and make some of these “ear savers.”
After spending a week in the hospital for surgery and almost two weeks in rehab I can see that because of distancing in these two facilities that this device will be well received.


Amazing idea. My wife works at the local Hospital and the lack of PPE is of great concern. We have friends sewing masks which are now being worn all day and washing every evening. Because of the pressure applied to the ears, this type of solution was discussed in a conversation yesterday. I will gladly be printing these and passing them off to my wife to distribute to her coworkers along with the reusable masks we are making. Thank you for posting this amazing template.


I took the downloaded version, opened it in illustrator, resaved it and it has issues but the default one works fine. Very strange.


I have signed up to volunteer to print these. Where is the best place to find the acrylic material. I only have what came with it…

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@pennydf, did you find out where to order this material?