Discussion of "Help Us Get One Million Ears Savers to Essential Workers"

I was just in the process of doing this same thing… I opened the pdf in Adobe Illustrator and exported into autocad… Another row will fit w/o the disclaimer. ???
I am also working on some text to personalize…

Updated: One thing about AutoCAD is the Undo command is my favorite!.. :rofl:

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Such a great idea. Just ordered a bunch more acrylic while its still available :wink:

Nice idea, and signed up with my current Acrylic stock. Are there any (wholly unofficial for obvious legal reasons) suggestions for sanitizing the pieces?

@penndf, please see my revised post. It turns out that the supplied design actually uses the entire sheet of acrylic; the pdf file’s disclaimer fits in the non printable area of the Glowforge.


I can honestly say peeling off backing paper after the job is a pain! I cut one without paper to see quality, looks good to me. Meanwhile I am gonna have to make the crumb tray white going forward, its quite impossible to see clear acrylic in there without backing paper.


How long does it take to a cut a sheet worth of ear savers? (5x10? 12x20?)

My GlowForge is on loan to my old high school but I can get access to it even though the school is closed. Just need to know how long I will need to be there.

12x20 is about hour on pro model. not sure if that’s the same on all or not.

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I love this initiative! Laser cutters can make so many more than 3D printers

I’ve found leaving a hole in the middle allows for much better comfort, and ability to use hair to help hold it in a comfortable position:

Especially because those with long hair will generally have a ponytail or buns.

For those without long hair, it works just as well.

I’m already making these by the thousands and sending out with orders from 3DForCovid.com

I’m glad to see you guys rallying the power of the Glowforge community!


where to buy 3mm sheets???

Penny, after you save your edit, let me know if has an issue with the width. The default unedited file gives me no issues, but my edited and save file will not allow me use the full 19.291 width.

i have been cutting unmasked clips for a couple of weeks now. it goes much faster. i’ve been using 0.093 clear optix acrylic from Home Depot.

the trick to dealing with unmasked clear acrylic, for me, has been putting a tape marker on the crumb tray to align the sheet to the exact same spot every time, and then adding a small square of blue painters tape to use set focus on. then there are only a couple of clips that have a small bit of tape to remove on one side, but i can still focus if i need to.

but if you get the sheet in the exact same spot every time and don’t move the design in your GFUI, you shouldn’t need to manually focus.


that’s exactly what I just did, lined the bed with blue painters tape…good call on that.

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How well does the 0.093 clear optix acrylic from Home Depot cut? does it cut nicely? Going to try some myself but looks like my local HD is out of stock, I’ll have to go to another one.

I’ve been cutting the 0.093 at 215/full and getting very clean cuts. I just did an 18x10 sheet with 60 of the GF clips on it and it was 13:31 (cuts only, I didn’t do the scores).


Fantastic! Thanks for the tip- heading to HD after work. Just curious, are you manually placing each piece or are you using a Nesting software to maximize use?

Signed up. Have acrylic, will travel. :+1:


glowforge’s file is nested. I just removed what wouldn’t fit on my custom cut sheet.

I don’t see the .svg file to customize. There are only .pdf files in the folder. Nothing showed up in my library either.

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I would love to help, but have no acrylic. For folks like me that want to help, but don’t have the money for materials to do so, how can we help?

This is an awesome initiative and there is a huge community of laser enthusiast that have different types of lasers besides Glowforge. I’m lucky enough to have a Glowforge and a laser purchased from China and would love to put them to good use! I hope this call for laser help reaches the entire laser community. :slight_smile:

Just printed 3 sheets, starting #4

Ready to deliver to Denver area