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When will the vector engrave fix go live, or is it supposed to be fixed already? I know the images to engrave can be rasterized to get a clean picture in the meanwhile, but mine take 4x longer on average to do that way. As I’m sure many are, I’m looking at losing a significant amount of money if I’m working at 25% of my usual capacity, not to mention the 100% wasted time and materials as I keep testing to see if the problem is still happening.

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Glowforge tends to roll these kinds of fixes out to people gradually over a week or so. They might update 10% of users one day, wait to see if anybody reports problems, then roll it out to another 10% of customers, lather, rinse, repeat.

From Dan’s phrasing (“that fix is rolling out right now”) I’m guessing that some people have it already and some don’t.

We should all have it within a few days, assuming they don’t run into problems… And hopefully they’ll let us know when everyone has it!


i would bet it rolls out to higher frequency users first.


Pretty much this! So 1-3 weeks, depending on how the rollout goes.

We will!


Does anybody know where the text-to-vector-image tech comes from? Whose API is it using?

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We use multiple architectures and models, including some that aren’t publicly available. Different styles are implemented differently. There’s also some under-the-hood magic that goes into the mix.

Magic Canvas has proven to be incredibly popular and the technology is moving quickly. It gets a ton of use and requests for different types of improvement, and we’ve been making updates regularly. The team’s done an amazing job of staying ahead of the curve!