Discussion of March '17 update

@trilo, there have been a LOT of discussions since December. Things have been debated and clarified time and again. @Tom_A is still completely accurate as of the further conversations that have occurred since December.

Check out @cmreeder’s post discussing the March Update and why it makes sense.

If nothing else convinces you that there is a good and logical reason to bump people who have donated their time, efforts, and expertise to make these machines better for you, me, and everyone else, then please take a little comfort in the numbers. If thousands are being produced in a given month, those that are bumped to the front are in the realm of hundred(s). Even if there were 500, you would still get yours in the first batch of 1000 being made. You wouldn’t even notice a difference. So until Dan states that the number of folks getting their machine early starts to approach the first 1000, I wouldn’t worry that the schedule for your particular machine is going to change much at all.


Since you have forum privileges it would seem your activity counts.
Sept.2016 places your order in line to be delivered by end of August, your place in line has not slipped. Orders that were placed before Oct. 24th 2015 are due to be delivered by end of July, a difference of a month - even though they have been waiting 10 months longer.

Somewhere around 200 members who contributed to product development and community support is the estimate.
On the scale of mass production when thousands are going out the door 200 might be two days worth. Not even noticeable, and as I have said before, hardly more than a wink in the direction of those who have poured themselves into support of the product.

You have some really nice work on your web site, too bad you haven’t been able to participate more, your creative insight and input would be welcome.
You’re here with us now, so enjoy all the forum has to offer, and rest assured - no significant time has been added to your wait. :wink:


If you placed your order in Sept 2015 (vs the Sept 2016 you refer to in a later post in this thread) you’ll be getting yours shipped in July according to the schedule. You’re a “pre-order” (those who purchased before Oct 25, 2015) so you’re in the July group.

If it was Sept 2016 then it’s only been about 6 months (and slightly less than a year when your deliver would be) and you’ll get it shipped to you in August.


This is entirely a decision at our sole discretion, but once we reach full capacity, it’s about 1 day’s worth of production.


so at 1 day it’s conceivable someone could receive their glowforge before someone who did get bumped up just due to living closer to the glowforge hatchery?

and for the record I did not get bumped up if anyone is trying to keep score.


I’m afraid I don’t quite follow the question.

It’s a day here or there.
Personally, my life has enough to fill it that I’m really not even going to give it another moments thought.


That’s a reasonable assessment. If Day 1 they ship to the bumped up folks and Day 2 they start shipping in remaining order then you’re right it’s likely the Day 1 guy in Alabama is going to get it after the Day 2 guy in California simply due to transit times.

Although it does seem it’s not going to really impact either. Neither would know when they might have gotten it if the bump didn’t occur. I mean if you got yours on a Friday, would you say to yourself (or GF) “I could have gotten it on Thursday if someone hasn’t been bumped in front of me!”?


:smiley: Love that!


My speculation exactly matches @jamesdhatch Only he’s better at using his words than I.


Ah, yes. I wasn’t sure if you were asking about international.

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Shipping the unit to us initially is bad enough. Shipping it back and forth is a terrible idea. Making this change after delaying over a year makes me want to cancel.

You can’t say it’s not doable, everything is. I built my own CNC router and made $60k last year off it. Surly I can competently replace a bulb after signing a waiver.

To boot, being down for two weeks is also a show stopper. I don’t care if you’re replacing the bulb for free at that point.

I hope this is resolved, if not I’ll have waited 2 years for nothing after I cancel.

You will also have the option of buying the replacement bulb and doing it yourself.


I understand that this topic is getting long, but several times it refers to this:

Hopefully that will answer your post.


Thanks for clearing that up. It’s what I was hoping for but was not very clear to me.

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It’s what I was hoping for but was not very clear to me. Thanks for clearing that up.

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Is there an approximate range of hours per day that defines “heavy use”?

No, it’s just a rough way to describe the difference between, for example, a pro user who might be running the machine most of the day in a workshop, versus a home user who mostly uses it on nights and weekends.