Weekly Highlights for the Week ending April 8th, 2017


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April Status Update

Hello Glowforge - Episode 1

What about keeping a list of successful print settings?

Is there a range of hours that defines “heavy use” for the machine?

Is there a problem using a different power cord for the machine? (It causes a problem with cutters.)

Does the filter require space behind it for breathing room?

How does the filter connect to the Glowforge?

What kind of Customer Support is Glowforge going to offer?


Why do we have a place to enter the material thickness for focus in the machine if the machine is auto-focusing?

Is the Proofgrade Store open yet?

Chadmart1076 wants a pony. (so does jules)


Beta and PreRelease

Shot Glass Carrier

Johann es Ironman (e-NABLE build)

More Fun Things

Take Note

Couple Projects

Lighting the Way

Ichigo and Co

Memorial and Spinner (Proofgrade Acrylic)

Tic Tac Toe(Catalog Design)

Just a Quick One

Trace Test on Cardstock

Extruded vs Cast Acrylic Engraves

New Pre-Releaser! (Congrats @jamesdhatch !)

And another New Pre-Releaser! (Congrats @henryhbk !)

Test for Slicer for Fusion 360

Passover Name Cards - Second Project

Third Project - Dog Tags

Garden Stakes (Proofgrade Acrylic)

God Bless America

And another new Pre-Releaser! (Congrats @Xabbess !)

Forno Di David

Knife Block - Proofgrade Veneer Inlay

Deep Engrave Torture Test

Parametric Box - Free Laser Design

Pi Enclosure

Dispatches from the Front

Scan and Trace Functions on the Glowforge



Metal Inlay

Strand Beest Pattern - Free Designs

Laser Engraved Projects

Parametric Box with Finger Joints - Fusion 360 File

Parametric Flex Boxes in OpenSCAD - Free Designs

Journal Cover - Free Laser Design

Parametric Globe Ball Stand

SVGs to Share


Another excellent compilation @Jules - thank you very much.


You are getting really good at this. Thank you for all of your hard work. :blush:



As always, thanks so much for putting these together @Jules. The forum is getting crazy (mostly in a good way), so this is nice.


Thanks again! You always manage to include something that I missed! :slight_smile:


Thanks for all your effort @Jules !! (And for putting up with some of us…) :stuck_out_tongue:


Fair is fair…you have to put up with me, and that’s likely much worse… :smile: :wink: