Discussion of March 2018 Update

Metric!!! Sqeee, finally.


I must be a pretty rare bird, as currently domiciled in UK, but have a glowforge in US, with visiting rights every couple of months !
But I couldn’t be happier (and relieved, I must admit) for all my friends over here to get this morning’s news.
Thanks #Team GF.



Yes @dan!! Nice one. Well done team Glowforge. It’s been a sucky ride at times and I really hope I’m getting off soon, but this is brilliant news. Congrats.

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Your warranty sections still says we need to pay for shipping warranty returns but I think EU law says we don’t.

From here: https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/shopping/guarantees-returns/faq/index_en.htm

Under EU law, within the legal guarantee period of two years, defective products must be repaired or replaced without any cost to the consumer. This includes shipping costs.


Looks like shipping dates for air filters moved 3 months - any comments / update on this?

Mine still says it is suposed to ship in less than a month. Which is a little strange to me and I am really not expecting to happen considering we have not heard much about the filters at all.

true, but as noted by @dan the logistics are a much larger hurdle with all that water in the way. I’m just happy to see people getting a chance to get their units outside the US finally. It’s been a long, frustrating wait for them.


Thanks for the update!

While I’m happy for my EU neighbors, I really appreciate the status page. That will help you as much as it does us as we’ll be able to know the status before jumping to any conclusions.

Keep it up!


I’ll second this. Thanks for making the status visible - it’ll really help with troubleshooting issues - and extra thanks for doing so in an open, transparent way, so we can see history and subscribe to notifications!

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Call me picky but is there a reason that the founders’ ruler does not have inches on one side and metric on the other side?


That may have to wait for Glowforge 2, the world’s first duplex 3D laser printer.


Last week mine moved one month to early April.

Basically we have no idea and not a lot of information.

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Just speculation, aka that which fuels the Internet.

Is anyone having trouble cutting out the new metric goodies? The holes are cutting fine but the key chain is not completely cutting the outside. If I adjust in manual what should I change it to?

Would you mind opening a thread in Problems & Support? A picture of the problem would be super helpful too if you still have it.

I can’t comment on EU law, but if you can point me to where we describe our international warranty coverage, I’ll update it to reflect the new plan. (I just fixed it in /tech-specs so that may have been what you were referring to).

From https://glowforge.com/warranty

For U.S. Customers only, Glowforge will pay shipping costs to return repaired or replacement products. For International Customers, Glowforge will provide a Return Material Authorization label that must be placed inside the box. International Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping and insuring an authorized warranty return to Glowforge and for prepayment of return shipping.


So good to hear International orders are shipping! I hope that my order is on time. My boss was pushing me to cancel the order but I ended up striking a deal with him if it didn’t arrive May (the current estimated date) I had to cancel the order.

Today is one of those days I wish I had the glowforge. I’m probably the only one who bought the glowforge to make mockups with! (part of my job is to make mockups of packaging/boxes for our sales team to present to customers, current method is a craft knife which is not fun!).


Seems like those files could be nested in different colors, and the piece flipped in the hole it was cut from. Engrave one and ignore the other.